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LOA Haven, Issue #011 - Never Miss A Book
September 30, 2018

Law of Attraction Haven

Welcome to the 11th Issue of the LOA Haven Ezine.

Every issue will contain a new and free book.

You'll also find other material that will hopefully delight and interest you!

In This Issue

In this issue, you will find:

- Your New Book: What Are You? by Imelda Shanklin

- About This Book

- Law of Attraction Haven's NEW STORE!!!

- Self Esteem Booster

- How to Connect With Me

- How to Pay It Forward

- A Place to Leave Comments & Ask Questions

- The Issue Date for Your Next Free Book

What Are You?

The Law of Attraction Haven brings you the latest addition to our Free PDF Books - What Are You? by Imelda Shanklin.

This book hasn't been added to the site yet. As a LOA Haven e-zine subscriber you get first dibs!

You will see this book arrive on our Free PDF Books page on December 31, 2018.

You will find the PDF format here (this is best for desktop), the ePub format here (this is best for mobile) and the Kindle format here.

About This Book

Shanklin wrote "What Are You?" in the latter years of her life, when she was 64 years old.

I discovered this little gem while reading Catherine Ponder's book "Secret of Unlimited Prosperity".

In the first chapter of "Secret of Unlimited Prosperity", Catherine reveals how to open your mind to unlimited supply. She says that Shanklin further explains the secret of unlimited prosperity in her book "What Are You?" and provides the following example.

"There is no numbering of the avenues through which supply may come to you. Your resource is as far-reaching as the universe. You are to expect your supply through all avenues of contact with life. Not from one specified point, not from two or more specified points: but from all points of the universe your good is crowding toward you."

Catherine has adapted Shanklin's words and written this affirmation for people to begin opening their minds to the possibility of unlimited supply.

"There is no numbering of the avenues through which supply can come to me.

My resource is as far-reaching as the universe.

I expect my supply through all avenues of life.

From all points of the universe, unlimited supply is crowding upon me now!"

While I didn't find "What Are You?" an easy read - I had to read some points several times for them to sink in - I endured because it held many treasures, such as the following:

"Your thoughts are the tools with which you carve your life story on the substance of the universe. When you choose your thoughts, you choose results. The visible part of your life pours out of your mind, shaped and stamped by your thoughts, as surely as the coins of nations are shaped and stamped by the mechanisms used to convert ores into specie.

Mental habits can make a deeper life impression than facial lines betray. Think about this for a moment. Can any negative attitude or belief be resolved into its mental form and erased from your mind? How may this be accomplished? Rid yourself of negative attitudes and beliefs and negative conditions will die of starvation. Refuse to entertain any thought in your mind that you would not wish objectified in your life."

Given that this book was published nearly nine decades ago, the language can hamper smooth reading at times. However, the message conveyed is worth the effort in perseverance.

Law of Attraction Haven Store

The Law of Attraction Haven has a new store!

You will find hundreds of Law of Attraction products like these phone cases, candles, t-shirts, mugs, magnets and plaques.

Click on any of the products to see more.

There's always a sale running and there's hundreds of new products to be added - so keep an eye out and have fun!

Phone Cases






Self Esteem Booster

Self esteem is a measure of how you think and feel about yourself in relation to other people. If you always imagine other people are 'better' than you, you will be likely to lack confidence, feel anxious, and generally think negatively. This is actually unfair - to you! It means that you can't really give of your best, and you may find life more of a struggle than it needs to be.

So, if your self esteem is generally on the low side, you could probably do with some help in building it up. This is where hypnosis can come to your aid. We have a range of hypnosis downloads that will instantly help you feel better about yourself. And it won't just last an instant. We'll help you get, and keep, the mindset and attitudes that will allow you to see yourself and others in a fairer light, and so get more out of life. ~ Excerpted from Hypnosis Downloads

I have found no simpler, faster or more effective way to improve my life than through the power of hypnosis to access my subconscious mind.

Another effective method I use is via this recording.

Here are our self esteem downloads:

Self Esteem Booster

Deeper Self Respect

Find Your Identity

Overcome An Inferiority Complex

Overcoming Insecurity

Develop A Positive Self Image

Self Acceptance

Stop Self Hate

Stop Blaming Yourself

Stop Self Pity

Stop Thinking You're Stupid

You're Worth It

Why Hypnosis Is Your Friend

Read the Reassuring Reasons Hypnosis is Your Friend

Why choose Hypnosis Downloads?

- They have helped over 600,000 people

- They have trained over 24,000 people since 1995

- They have treated over 5,000 people in one-to-one therapy

- They offer a 90 day money-back guarantee on all products

- You'll receive an instant download or free worldwide shipping

- I can assure you they offer amazing customer service

Still unsure about hypnosis? This article on Five Hypnosis Myths Exploded may clear things up for you.

Connect With Me

I'd love to connect with you on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+.

Drop by and say hello.

Pay It Forward

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Comments & Questions

Do you have any comments, questions, feedback or ideas?

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Next Issue Date

I hope you have enjoyed What Are You? by Imelda Shanklin.

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