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LOA Haven, Issue #006 - Never Miss A Book
July 12, 2017

Law of Attraction Haven

Welcome to the 6th Issue of the LOA Haven Ezine.

Every issue will contain a new and free book.

You'll also find other material that will hopefully delight and interest you!

In This Issue

In this issue, you will find:

- Your New Book: Within You is the Power by Henry Thomas Hamblin

- About This Book

- Henry Thomas Hamblin's Nightmares

- Relaxation Techniques

- How to Connect With Me

- How to Pay It Forward

- A Place to Leave Comments & Ask Questions

- The Issue Date for Your Next Free Book

Within You Is The Power

The Law of Attraction Haven brings you the latest addition to our Free PDF Books - Within You is the Power by Henry Thomas Hamblin.

This wonderful book hasn't been added to the site yet. As a LOA Haven e-zine subscriber you get first dibs!

You will see this book arrive on Free PDF Books - Page 2 on July 31, 2017.

You will also find the ePub (for mobile) and Kindle versions online at the same time.

Click here or on the book image below to start reading now.

About This Book

Henry Thomas Hamblin tells it like it is.

One of my favorite chapters is chapter III on fate and free will. I love the way Hamblin explains that our "fate" or "future" cannot be prevented from being brought into manifestation, and the way we choose to react to our "fate" is our free will.

My number one pick of all the chapters is chapter IV on Cause & Effect. Hamblin talks about how most of our troubles are not due to anything other than our resistance to the natural flow of life. He goes on to describe how essential our belief in the Omnipotent Power is in order to connect with the Infinite.

I could go on...there are so many gems in this little book. Chapter VII on The Secret of Abundant Supply is another favorite, as is the final chapter where he offers practical advice on how to overcome life's limitations. My favorite line in this chapter is "when the soul is 'alive' and the life filled with love, the homeliest face becomes attractive." This sentence doesn't sum up the essence of the chapter, but it sure is true. Everyone has met a beautiful looking person who is ordinary on the inside and an ordinary looking person who is beautiful on the outside.

I hope you enjoy this little book which is a practical guide to living a wonderful life, no matter what comes your way.

Listed below is the first sentence of each chapter which clearly demonstrates Hamblin's simple and easy to understand language and style.


There is a power lying hidden in man, by the use of which he can rise to higher and better things.

Chapter I - Infinite Life & Power

Man possesses, did he but know it, illimitable Power.

Chapter II - The Overcoming of Life's Difficulties

The true object of life is that man may attain wisdom through experience.

Chapter III - Fate or Free Will

Great has been the controversy in the past, over the vexed subject of fate versus free-will.

Chapter IV - Cause & Effect

Man is the cause of the disasters in his life.

Chapter V - Success

What is meant here by success is the achievement of something worthwhile, that shall make the world better and richer, and add something to the common good.

Chapter VI - Health

It is impossible, in a little work of this description to explain why it is that one person inherits a weak and ailing body and another enjoys a strong and robust constitution.

Chapter VII - The Secret of Abundant Supply

It is a metaphysical truth that the outward life is a reflection of the thought life.

Chapter VIII - The Power & Limitations of the Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is the mind of Nature.

Chapter IX - The Use of the Spiritual or Super Conscious Mind

We have already seen that the subconscious mind, wonderful though it be, is instinctive merely, lacking inspiration and what we call originality.

Chapter X - Character Building & the Overcoming of Habit

Character building is the greatest object in life.

Chapter XI - Happiness & Joy

Deep down in every heart is an unquenchable desire for happiness.

Chapter XII - The Use & Misuse of Mental & Spiritual Powers

The average individual knows nothing of mental forces, and, although he may suffer from the effects of unconscious wrong thinking, he is in no danger of making deliberate misuse of the inner powers.

Chapter XIII - Overcoming Limitations & Awakening Inward Powers

Limitations can be overcome through a realization of Truth.

In time, you will find more free books by Hamblin on Free PDF Books - Page 2.

Click here or on the book image below to start reading now.

Henry Thomas Hamblin's Nightmares

The above famous quote by Hamblin isn't indicative of the way he always felt about life.

Although he experienced frequent encounters with the divine presence, he also had a traumatic time with horrific night terrors.

It all started after he'd worked his way out of the poverty rut his family were accustomed to and became a successful and very well regarded optician.

Unfortunately, this success brought him a great deal of foreboding and he experienced night terrors that he described as feeling like he was in hell.

During this tumultuous time he also tragically and unexpectedly lost his 10 year old son and he plummeted into the depths of despair.

In order to survive, he left his successful career and moved to the country. On arrival in the country his unhappiness and nightmares disappeared instantly and he once again connected with the divine essence within.

I can't help but wonder if Hamblin had have employed some simple relaxation techniques whether he could've retained his successful career and still made the connection with his source.

It's to our benefit that he couldn't find a way to relax because his move to the country and his subsequent night terror relief allowed him to open up channels and write some truly magnificent works.

Below are links to a plethora of relaxation techniques that will be sure to aid you in creating a more relaxed, fulfilled and joyful life.

Relaxation Techniques

Of all the relaxation techniques and methods you could use, hypnosis and guided imagery are far and away the most effective - and fast. And when you combine hypnosis with other ways of relaxing that you already use, you have a mightily potent elixir of invigoration!

The real benefit of using hypnosis downloads for relaxation techniques is that it allows you - easily and effortlessly - to teach your own mind how to achieve really deep relaxation very quickly. Even if you only have five minutes to spare, you can give yourself the equivalent of an hour's deep rest. Think what a difference that could make to your day.

Whether you want to know how to learn progressive muscle relaxation to fall asleep quickly, or just enjoy at-home relaxation therapy to boost your energy, motivation and concentration, one of our relaxation downloads is just right for you. And they're all fun!

The above information on Relaxation Techniques is excerpted from Hypnosis Downloads.

Why Hypnosis Is Your Friend

You can read here the Reassuring Reasons Hypnosis is Your Friend?

Why choose Hypnosis Downloads?

- They have helped over 600,000 people

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The above information on Deeper Self Respect is courtesy of Hypnosis Downloads.

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Next Issue Date

I hope you have enjoyed this latest book by Henry Thomas Hamblin.

Over time I will add more free books by Henry Thomas Hamblin on Free PDF Books - Page 2 of the Law of Attraction Haven.

As always, your next free book is a surprise...even to me. I am on the look out right now to discover new texts to share with you.

I'll see you again in early August for another free book.

These books are dedicated to seekers the world over of love, light, peace and wisdom.

Law of Attraction Haven

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