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LOA Haven, Issue #007 - Never Miss A Book
August 20, 2017

Law of Attraction Haven

Welcome to the 7th Issue of the LOA Haven Ezine.

Every issue will contain a new and free book.

You'll also find other material that will hopefully delight and interest you!

In This Issue

In this issue, you will find:

- Your New Book: Brotherhood by Joseph Benner

- About This Book

- A Prayer by Joseph Benner

- Awaken Your Intuition

- How to Connect With Me

- How to Pay It Forward

- A Place to Leave Comments & Ask Questions

- The Issue Date for Your Next Free Book


The Law of Attraction Haven brings you the latest addition to our Free PDF Books - Brotherhood by Joseph Benner.

This wonderful book hasn't been added to the site yet. As a LOA Haven e-zine subscriber you get first dibs!

You will see this book arrive on our Free PDF Books page on September 30, 2017. This is a little later than usual because I'm going to Europe for a holiday (or a vacation as my U.S. friends call it!).

You will also find the ePub (for mobile) and Kindle versions online at the same time.

Click here or on the book image below to start reading now.

About This Book

Joseph Benner published Brotherhood and all his books under the pen name "anonymous," believing that his books were inspired by the God within. Elvis Presley was said to be Benner's biggest fan. You can read more about that here.

Benner encourages us to seek the kingdom within rather than trying to find happiness, wealth, health or any good thing on the outside.

If you have come across this book, Benner tells you that it is your purpose to understand the work and demonstrate its teaching to others, so that you can assist them in reaching for a higher state of being.

He shares the way to tell the difference between your own calm, knowing, strong, inner voice and the noise from the outside world.

He believes that by opening our heart to others we will in turn feel greater love and attract people into our lives with whom we can share joy far beyond what we have ever imagined.

The work centers around leaving the self behind, seeking only to serve humankind - bringing the gifts of heaven here to earth.

It is a tiny book that has a mighty impact.

You will find more free books by Joseph Benner on our Free Books page.

Alternatively, Benner's other works are individually listed below for your convenience.

The Impersonal Life

The Way Beyond

The Way Out

The Way to the Kingdom


A Prayer by Joseph Benner

Here is my version of a beautiful prayer from Joseph Benner's book The Way to the Kingdom.

You'll find the original version in the Appendix of The Way to the Kingdom.

Dear universe, hear my earnest prayer.

Draw me in consciousness deep within where self exists not, and where I may be one with your infinite power.

Help me to open my heart wide and let out enormous love, that it may possess me utterly, may rule, motivate and inspire my every thought, word and act, merging me completely into love, enabling me to love as you love, to see as you see, to hear as you hear.

Lift the consciousness of my human mind into complete oneness with universal consciousness; so that I can consciously, at will, be with you, work with you, commune with you at all times and on all planes, when the need is in your service.

And may I know with your understanding all things I seek and need to know.

Cleanse me of all consciousness of self and of separation from you, so that you may live in me, do your will in me, be yourself in me, without hindrance of any kind, for evermore.

Dear universe, make me abide always in your consciousness, and your word to abide in me, giving me always your wisdom to light and direct my way; your will to strengthen and sustain me; and your love to surround, protect and fill me; so that I may see you, may feel you, may know you, may be truly one with you, everywhere, in everything, and in everyone.

I thank you, dear universe, for your many blessings. Take me within, so that I may be a selfless and perfect instrument for your use.

In your name, I ask it.


Awaken Your Intuition

Joseph Benner's quote below is an absolute reflection of the message he conveys in his books.

Learn how to pay attention to your inner world by Awakening Your Intuition.

This audio download will help you to develop powerful intuition and to trust your instincts, looking within, rather than to the outside world, for the answers you seek.

Many great authors including Dr Joseph Murphy and Neville Goddard believe that by accessing your subconscious mind, you are communing with God.

Do You Go With Your 'Gut' or Does Logic Rule the Day?

Common sense might tell you to ignore your instincts because there is no evidence to support that decision or viewpoint. But sometimes your 'head' should listen to your 'heart' and go with what you feel and not what you think.

Intuition: Knowing What You Don't 'Know'

It's been estimated that a trillion bits of information enter our senses every second but only a fraction of that ever makes it to consciousness. But your unconscious mind picks up all kinds of signals that you are not aware of.

These signals can nudge your conscious mind which may dismiss these feelings as irrational and groundless. Strong emotion distorts perception but true intuition happens when the mind is calm and receptive.

Intuition: Feelings Not Thoughts

When there is something significant going on that reaches your unconscious mind but not your conscious, then all you know (consciously) is that something does or doesn't 'feel right.'

But if there seems to be no good logical reason, then you may discard the feeling as superstition or as irrelevant, but it might just be your unconscious trying to alert your conscious mind to something important and maybe you should actually pay attention.

Many of Us Have Abandoned Our Intuitive Powers

Modern life tells us to only rely on logic and reason but your unconscious mind can calculate with lightening speed - relaxing and trusting it can make you more powerful in life.

People with great intuition know how to watch, observe and see patterns. Once they observe these patterns, they can make calculated guesses - the unconscious mind can make a guess about something on the basis of you having picked up a pattern.

Hypnosis - A Direct Access to Your Intuition

Hypnosis is a direct link to your unconscious mind. By learning to use hypnosis in your life you'll strengthen your intuition because you'll:

- Be more relaxed.

- Be more open to patterns in life.

- Become more aware of your own intuitive voice.

- Use your intuition to make better decisions and predictions.

Download Develop Powerful Intuition now and claim your birthright.

As at the time of this newsletter 'Develop Powerful Intuition' has been purchased by 1056 customers.

The above information on Awakening Your Intuition is courtesy of Hypnosis Downloads.

Why Hypnosis Is Your Friend

You can read here the Reassuring Reasons Hypnosis is Your Friend?

Why choose Hypnosis Downloads?

- They have helped over 600,000 people

- They have trained over 24,000 people since 1995

- They have treated over 5,000 people in one-to-one therapy

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- I can assure you they offer amazing customer service

Still unsure about hypnosis? This article on Five Hypnosis Myths Exploded may clear things up for you.

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Next Issue Date

I hope you have enjoyed this latest book by Joseph Benner.

Click here for more free books by Joseph Benner.

As always, your next free book is a surprise...even to me. I am on the look out right now to discover new texts to share with you.

I'm off to Europe for a break so there won't be a new book in September. I'll see you again in October for another free book.

These books are dedicated to seekers the world over of love, light, peace and wisdom.

Law of Attraction Haven

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