The Daily Affirmation Handbook
Introduction to Positive Affirmations
Understanding how affirmations work
Empowers you to build a health mindset
Positive thoughts lead to optimism about the world
Positive thoughts help build an optimistic mental attitude
Why you should use affirmations
Helps you actualize prosperity and success
Will dramatically change your life
Reduces stress
Boosts self-esteem
How to Make Affirmations Work for You
Majority of our thoughts are negative
By thinking positively you can alter your subconscious
Create affirmations in the present tense
Affirmations for Attracting Health 
Too easy to take our health for granted
Poor health leads to more problems
Low self-esteem
Simple to become healthier
Takes making the decision to change
Applies to both physical and mental health
Consciously make small, positive changes every day
Strengthen your mind
Develop your skills and talents
Read good books
Spend more time with friends
Affirmations for Attracting Wealth   
Your relationship with money has a significant impact on your life
How you attract it
How you earn it
How you spend it
How you invest it
Use affirmations to eliminate money blocks
Use affirmations to develop an abundance mindset
Money comes to those with a prosperity mindset
Affirmations for Attracting Happiness 
Happiness is a state of contentment and well-being
Affirmations can help to replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones
Your physiology is important for feeling happy
Affirmations for Attracting Success
Success means something different to everyone
Wealth and power are societies standard indicators of success
Have to define what success means to you
You can experience success daily
People fear success more than failure
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