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Here you will find sixteen of the Law of Attraction Haven's best books on Wealth and Prosperity.

Hands down the best book I have ever read on Money is Esther and Jerry Hicks' Money & the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness.

This book shows the absolute correlation between the thoughts you think about money, the way you feel when you think those thoughts - and the money that flows into your experience.

Read an excerpt from Money and the Law of Attraction and learn more about the book.

You can access Prosperity Affirmations from our Daily Positive Affirmations series as well as prosperity affirmations by Louise Hay, Catherine Ponder and Florence Scovel Shinn.

Wealth & Prosperity Books

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About Wealth & Prosperity

What I Know About Wealth & Prosperity

The way to wealth and prosperity is through your thoughts, feelings and imagination. I understand that this sounds 'airy fairy'...I thought the same. If what you have been doing up to this point to achieve wealth and prosperity, hasn't worked, give these steps a go.

Step 1 - Show Gratitude
Wealth isn't just about the money in your bank account. Wealth is about the richness in everything in your life! Find one (everyone has at least one) thing that you truly love, love, love in your life and revel in the beauty of that thing. Write about how beautiful that thing is, how much you love it and why you love it. Let the warmth, love and gratitude ooze from every inch of your being. Here's two examples of things I love in my life.

Step 2 - Don't Complain
Take this step one day or one hour at a time, it can be tough when you first start. Take the opportunity to see the glass as half full in every circumstance. When you start to complain about a situation, try and see it from another, more positive, perspective. If you just can't bring yourself to feel any good thoughts about the issue or circumstance, take your mind off the subject altogether and think of something that does make you happy.

That something doesn't have to be related to your issue. It can be anything - a pet, a nice meal, a pleasant person, a sports game - whatever, just use that something to make yourself feel better and take your mind off what you are experiencing. When you focus on what you do want instead of what you don't want - what you don't want fades away, because what you think about, you bring about.

Step 3 - Feel the Feeling
Exactly as the title suggests. Feel the feeling of what it would be like if you had all the money you wanted now. This really isn't that hard to do. It's just day dreaming. I also read oodles and oodles of free PDF books to keep myself in this space. My favorite books are by Neville Goddard. These books have helped me, alongside the Abraham Hicks Publications to completely transform my world.

How These Steps Work

I don't know how they work, I just know they work!  It's really none of our business how it works. There's an invisible energy force that is more intelligent than we could ever fathom. It is contained within you, step aside and let it do its work.

The above three steps are very basic and I plan on adding a great deal more information and resources about money to this site.

You don't need to wait for this though. You don't even need to read anymore books or scour the internet for anything further. Just do the above one day at a time and see the difference in your life. Not only in terms of money, but in terms of everything you desire.

How We Stuff It Up!

A mistake we all make is to do this diligently for a day and then say "well, that didn't work!"

Try for longer than one day and don't look for results. Each time you look you are saying to the Universe - I don't have it yet, where is it?

If you rest in the knowledge that what you are seeking has already been created and is on its way to you, it will come so fast your head will spin.

Get A Millionaire Mindset

Train your brain to think like a millionaire using hypnosis

There is a vast flowing river of money in the world - you just need to know where and when to dip your bucket in and start collecting it. You can even carve out a diversion and direct large volumes of the money river in your direction. That's all the super rich have done.

Everyone wants to be rich. Don't they? So why do only a few reach those heights? How do millions of people work their fingers to the bone yet end up broke?

It's not about luck
Most millionaires will tell you that luck played a large part in their success - and you could stop there, assuming that unless you get lucky, you won't get rich.

But then if you look a little deeper, you uncover something else - something all successful people have in common - the millionaire mindset.

And even more interestingly, millionaires don't have much else in common - there's no standard for academic achievement. Richard Branson and many other entrepreneurs are dyslexic, there's no commonality of family background, there's no 'special knowledge' that these people possess.

It's about your mindset
When it comes down to it, success is down to your mindset - the habits, attitudes and behaviors you use every day that move you, step-by-step, towards millionaire status.

This Millionaire Mindset 6-part hypnosis program is designed to program your subconscious mind with these common attitudes of millionaires.

Absorb the 6 key psychological traits of self-made millionaires
The Millionaire Mindset program contains these 6 success-shaping sessions:

1) Create Winning Business Ideas
Enter a creative space within your mind where the money-making ideas will flow like molten gold.

2) Create Real Business Passion
Generate a powerful deep unconscious drive for your business idea that will propel you forward.

3) Build Unshakeable Self Belief
Every successful entrepreneur has solid self confidence and self belief. Build yours so you can beat the nay-sayers and weather the storms with ease.

4) Generate Laser Focus
You don't get to the top by drifting off and thinking about other things. Get the full power of your unconscious mind behind your goal.

5) Develop an Unstoppable Work Ethic
Anyone who tells you becoming a millionaire is not hard work has never done it. This session will make work your most enjoyable pastime. 

6) Create Unbeatable Optimism
As you travel your business path, you will come up against obstacles. There will be times when you wonder if you should give up. This session will give you a solid bedrock of optimism, so you just know it's going to work, even on the darkest of days. ~ Excerpted from

Download your Millionaire Mind-Set hypnosis session now and make your attitude a millionaire attitude.

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Over 175 Free PDF Books on the Law of Attraction, Wealth & Prosperity, Self Improvement, Personal Development and Health & Fitness. No Personal Details Required.
Over 175 Free PDF Books on the Law of Attraction, Wealth & Prosperity, Self Improvement, Personal Development and Health & Fitness. No Personal Details Required.
Over 175 Free PDF Books on the Law of Attraction, Wealth & Prosperity, Self Improvement, Personal Development and Health & Fitness. No Personal Details Required.
Over 175 Free PDF Books on the Law of Attraction, Wealth & Prosperity, Self Improvement, Personal Development and Health & Fitness. No Personal Details Required.

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The Lack of Money is the Root of All Evil
~ Mark Twain