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About Self Improvement

I've always thought the term 'self improvement' was odd.

I understand it means to improve on the person you are, but it's odd to me because I believe who we really are is magnificent. I think we are the light of the world. I think we are God/Universe/Infinity/Source encapsulated in a physical body.

I get it though, depending on who we are, sometimes, or most times, we don't believe we are breathtakingly beautiful and we think we need outside help and that's okay.

If that outside help gets us back on track to remembering that we are ALL THAT IS, than there's no harm done.

Three Things for Self Improvement Today

The easiest way to self improvement is baby steps. One thing at a time, one day at a time. When someone asks me what they can do to start helping themselves right away, I always suggest these three areas.

1. Walk & Drink Water
Go for a walk every day. It doesn't have to be a high speed, knock-yourself-out marathon, unless of course that's what you want to do. If you're not used to exercising just take it easy. Go around the block once and enjoy every single minute of it. Don't worry about the weather - it's going to do what it's going to do - don't use it as an excuse to stay indoors. Just enjoy yourself and do whatever level of activity feels best for you.

Also drink some water during your day. If you never do, then start with one glass - it's better than what you were doing previously! If you feel like 2 liters of water today, than drink 2 liters. There are far too many "shoulds" in this life. Just do what you feel is best for you and your body and soul.

2. Do What You Love
I know there are "have to's" in life. Remember though, to leave some space for what you love to do - everyday if you can. I love to read free PDF books on metaphysics. I love to explore the invisible realms. I love to do this everyday! Whatever it is that you love to do - do it today.

I believe the reason we get tired is because we are so often doing things that we don't want to do. If we can counter the "have to's" with the "I really, really want to's" life will get easier and we will feel happier.

3. Meditate
Meditation puts us in touch with the infinite part of ourselves. It is where the answers to our deepest questions and desires lay awaiting our acknowledgement.

For 15 minutes a day, switch off from the illusion of life and join the realms where reality is created. When you feel more peaceful within and have a more balanced outlook, you will have so much more to offer yourself and others.

You know, it doesn't matter how we do things or what we do, if we are happy and relaxed, the Universe in all of its omnipotent magnificence will tend to us.

Emotional Intelligence

If you want to set about developing emotional intelligence to get on better with others, feel happier in yourself and get more out of life, we have a wide range of self hypnosis downloads to help.

Emotions are a fundamental part of being human - they make us who we are. But emotions are not something that we consciously control. They are our instant, unconscious, total body/mind response to whatever is happening around us - NOW. Emotions precede thought (contrary to popular belief). Our conscious minds invent rationalizations for what we feel after the event.

This doesn't mean you are totally at the mercy of your emotions.

Emotions are the drivers that get us to take action and get our fundamental needs met. When you understand this function, and you understand what your fundamental needs really are, you can bring together your conscious and unconscious efforts to make the most of life. This reduces the inner conflicts that make life so difficult.

And when inner conflicts are reduced, outer relationships also go more smoothly. That's what developing emotional intelligence does for you. 
~ Excerpted from

Overcome Car Anger - Control road rage
Accept Things As They Are - Come to terms with what can't be changed
Control Your Anger - Control anger effectively
Be Kinder - Help soften your sharp edges
More Humility - Realign your unconscious attitudes
Getting Older? - Overcome birthday blues. You've got plenty to celebrate!
Reduce Empathy - Be kind without getting overwhelmed
Calm Your Emotions - Develop better emotional balance
Crying When Arguing - Gain control of your emotions
Stop Excessive Guilt - Ease away feelings of guilt and shame
Dealing With Rejection - Manage your emotions and bounce back
Beat Fear - Tune out nervousness and anxiety
Let Go of Shame - Free yourself to live life to the full
Honest Emotion - Express your emotions your way
Tell Them You Love Them - Say how you feel more eloquently
Be Happier - Beat the everyday blues
Feel You've Failed? - Calm those harsh feelings
Self Forgiveness - Let go of self blame
Learn to Forgive - Don't let resentment color your life
Emotional Literacy - Know what you feel and let yourself feel it
Grass Not Greener - Stop thinking the grass is greener elsewhere
Brighten Up! - Improve your mood instantly and effortlessly
Impulse Control Disorder - Control your impulses
Emotional Intelligence - Enjoy deeper connections and increased success
Let Go of the Past - Free yourself to enjoy the future
Let the Anger Go - You can move on and let it go
No Embarrassment - Replace embarrassment with calm and comfort
Overcome Envy - Free yourself to be happier
Reduce Greed - Enjoy what you have
Stop Jealous Thoughts - Develop trust and a healthier attitude
Parents Expectations - Free yourself to be yourself
Respect Your Loved Ones - Honor those you love, even when they irk you
Stop Being Cynical - Adopt a happier, healthier outlook
Stop Irritability - Be kinder to yourself
Be Less Stubborn - Escape old, unhelpful habits
Too Serious - Loosen up

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