Neville Goddard

Who Was Neville Goddard?

Who was this mystical, handsome man with the compelling, confident disposition and a voice as smooth as velvet?

Neville Goddard was an advocate of the Law of Attraction through his belief that "imagination creates reality".

He was born to Anglican parents in St. Michael, Barbados, West Indies in 1905. He had eight brothers and one sister.

At 17, he went to the United States to study drama. Ten years later he gave up his successful theater career to turn his attention to the study of mysticism.

Neville studied with Ethiopian Rabbi, Abdullah, for five years. He learnt Hebrew, Scripture, and Kabala.

Neville died in 1972 of an apparent brain aneurysm.

Today, Neville continues to be an inspiration to seekers the world over. His most famous follower is Dr Wayne Dyer.

Enjoy free Neville Goddard:

Discovering Neville Goddard

I don't recall how I discovered Neville, but I do recall the profound affect his teachings had (and still have) on me.

I have learnt an enormous amount about myself, life and the entity that we call God through Neville's works. I have learnt that everything that happens in my experience is as a result of my own inner conversations. There is no person, circumstance, place or thing that causes anything to occur to me - good or bad - I do it all. 

It has been the greatest relief to know that I can create things in my life exactly as I want them to be.

It is the easiest, most natural process in the world. It is contentment, excitement, peace and exhilaration all wrapped up in one simple process - the state of imagining a situation from the end.

When you trust your own wonderful human imagination
When you can sit quietly all alone, asking help of no one; 
And really believe that your imaginal act is a created fact; 
And that in the interval of time necessary it is going to externalize itself;
And become a reality in your world;
You're on the verge of rebirth.

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Case Studies

Enjoy these real life stories excerpted from books and lectures by Neville Goddard.

1. A Doctor and his wife get an apartment with no money...

2. This divorcee manifested a new car with little money...

3. A family imagined sleeping in their new home until it was theirs...

4. A family bought a home that realtors said didn't exist...

5. This woman attracted a new home and a new husband...

6. This woman married the man of her dreams...

7. A Negro man blasted the boundaries created by his skin color...

8. This woman bought a new home by the beach...

9. This man became an outrigger canoe world champion...

Neville Goddard Lectures

When asked if people could purchase tapes of his lectures, Neville said "I have no tapes. Others here are making tapes for their own use. Perfectly all right. But I have no tapes."

There is tremendous gratitude for those who attended Neville's lectures, recorded and preserved them.

However, the lions share of appreciation goes to Neville Goddard who allowed people to record his lectures and to pass them on to others.

All That You Behold
All Things Are Possible Part 1

All Things Are Possible Part 2
All Things Exist
A Movement Within God
A Riddle
Believe in Him

Brazen Impudence
Changing the Feeling of 'I'
Control Your Inner Conversations
Correct Prayer

Imagination Creates Reality
Infinite States
The Creator
The Game of Life
The Knowledge of God
The Law
The Source
The True Knowledge of God
Where Are You From?
Who Am I?
You Are A Cosmic Being
Yours for the Taking

How I Use Neville's Teachings

I started by falling asleep every night to this recording saying "I am so thrilled, I am so thrilled, I am so thrilled" and feeling the feeling of life presenting me with things and events to be thrilled about.

I don't necessarily think of what the things or events will be, just that they will be wonderful.

It has never failed. I have more than anyone could hope for in my relationships, career, finances and and well-being. It is a blessing that is not for some, but for all.

Nothing that we as humans would consider "bad" can come into our lives when we fall asleep in this way. Only magnificence, love and everything we deem to be wonderful and good floods into our lives. Give it a go, there is nothing to lose.

I will imagine that your life is transformed as remarkably and as sensationally as mine has been since discovering Neville Goddard. Best wishes.

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But Imagination Will Take You Everywhere

~ Albert Einstein

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