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Free PDF Books Authors

Below is a list of all the Free PDF Books authors on this site. 

Simply click on the author of your choice and you will be redirected to read their books.

Currently some of the books point to other sites. The goal however, is to eventually have all of the books on this site in PDF format.

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Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Allen, James
Andersen, Uell Stanley
Atkinson, William Walker 
Behrend, Genevieve
Benner, Joseph
Boehme, Kate Atkinson
Cady, Harriette Emilie
Canfield, Jack
Robert Collier

Coué, Émile 
Cramer, Malinda
Dresser, Horatio
Drew, Alan
Goddard, Neville (Visit Neville's page)
Haanel, Charles
Hamblin, Henry Thomas
Hill, Napoleon (Visit Free Think & Grow Rich)
Holmes, Ernest
Hunting, Gardner
Larson, Christian 
Lee, Michael
Mann, Mildred
Marden, Orison 
McDonald, John
Militz, Annie
Mulford, Prentice
Murphy, Joseph
Muschter, Rudd
Peale, Norman Vincent 
Ponder, Catherine (Visit Catherine's page)
Prevette, Earl
Roberts, Jane
Rodrigues, Wellington
Scovel Shinn, Florence (Visit Florence's page) 
Towne, Elizabeth
Trine, Ralph Waldo
Troward, Thomas
Wattles, Wallace D 
Walsch, Neale Donald 
Young, Janet

Free PDF Books

James Allen 
Above Life's Turmoil 
epub & Kindle
As a Man Thinketh  
ePub & Kindle
Book of Meditations 
ePub & Kindle
From Poverty to Power 
ePub & Kindle
The Life Triumphant 
ePub & Kindle
The Way of Peace 
ePub & Kindle

Uell Stanley Andersen 
The Magic in Your Mind 
ePub & Kindle

William Walker Atkinson 
Nuggets of the New Thought 
ePub & Kindle
The Law of the New Thought 
ePub & Kindle
Thought Force 
ePub & Kindle
Thought Vibration 
ePub & Kindle

Genevieve Behrend 
Your Invisible Power  
ePub and Kindle
Attaining Your Desires
ePub and Kindle

Joseph Benner 
ePub & Kindle
The Impersonal Life 
ePub & Kindle
The Teacher
ePub & Kindle

The Way Out 
ePub & Kindle
The Way Beyond 
ePub & Kindle
The Way to the Kingdom
ePub & Kindle
ePub & Kindle

Kate Atkinson Boehme 
Mental Healing Made Plain 
ePub & Kindle
New Thought Healing Made Plain 
ePub & Kindle
Thinking in the Heart 
ePub & Kindle

Harriette Emilie Cady 
God A Present Help 
ePub & Kindle
Lessons in Truth 
ePub & Kindle
Miscellaneous Writings 
ePub & Kindle

Jack Canfield
Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul
ePub & Kindle

Robert Collier
The Secret of the Ages

ePub and Kindle

Émile Coué de la Châtaigneraie 
Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion 
ePub and Kindle

Malinda Cramer 
Divine Science & Healing 
ePub & Kindle
Health Treatment of Truth 
ePub & Kindle

Horatio Dresser 
A History of the New Thought Movement
ePub & Kindle
A Physician to the Soul
ePub & Kindle
Education & the Philosophical Ideal
ePub & Kindle
Man & The Divine Order
ePub & Kindle
Spiritual Health & Healing
ePub & Kindle
The Heart of It
ePub & Kindle
The Power of Silence
ePub & Kindle
The Quimby Manuscripts
Voices of Hope
ePub & Kindle

Alan Drew 
Self Help Techniques

Neville Goddard 
At Your Command
ePub & Kindle
Awakened Imagination
ePub & Kindle
Feeling is the Secret 
ePub & Kindle
How to Manifest Your Desires
ePub & Kindle
Out of This World
ePub & Kindle
Prayer: The Art of Believing
ePub Kindle
Seedtime & Harvest
ePub & Kindle
The Creative Use of Imagination
ePub & Kindle
The Law & The Promise 
ePub & Kindle
The Power of Awareness
ePub Kindle
The Search
ePub & Kindle
Your Faith is Your Fortune
ePub Kindle

Charles Haanel 
Mental Chemistry
ePub & Kindle
The Master Key System
ePub & Kindle

Henry Thomas Hamblin
Within You Is The Power
ePub & Kindle

Napoleon Hill
Grow Rich with Peace of Mind
ePub & Kindle
Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude
The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons
Think & Grow Rich

Ernest Holmes 
Creative Mind & Success
The Science of Mind
This Thing Called You

Gardner Hunting 
Working With God

Christian Larson 
Brains & How to Get Them
How the Mind Works
ePub & Kindle
How to Stay Well
In the Light of the Spirit
Just Be Glad
On the Heights
Poise & Power
Steps in Human Progress
The Good Side of Christian Science
The Great Within
The Ideal Made Real
The Pathway of Roses
The Scientific Training of Children
Thinking for Results
What Is Truth
Your Forces & How to Use Them

Michael Lee  
How to Attract Abundance

Mildred Mann 
How to Find Your Real Self

Orison Swett Marden 
Every Man A King
He Who Thinks He Can
How to Get What You Want
Love's Way
Optimistic Life
Peace Power & Plenty
Rising in the World
The Joys of Living
The Miracle of Right Thought
Why Grow Old?

John Dennis McDonald
The Message of a Master

Annie Rix Militz 
All Things Are Possible
Child Unfoldment
Primary Lessons in Christian Living
Prosperity Through Spirituality

Prentice Mulford 
Thoughts Are Things

Dr Joseph Murphy 
The Cosmic Energizer
The Miracles of Your Mind
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Rudd Muschter 
Mysticism: Create Your Own World

Norman Vincent Peale 
The Power of Positive Thinking

Catherine Ponder
Open Your Mind to Receive

Earl Prevette 
How to Turn Your Ability Into Cash

Jane Roberts 
Dreams, Evolution & Value Fulfillment
Seth Speaks
The Individual & The Nature of Mass Events
The Nature of Personal Reality

Wellington Rodrigues 
The Mental Alchemy Report

Florence Scovel Shinn 
The Game of Life 
The Power of the Spoken Word
The Secret Door to Success
Your Word is Your Wand

Elizabeth Towne 
Happiness & Marriage
How to Use New Thought in Home Life
Life Power and How to Use It
You and Your Forces

Ralph Waldo Trine 
Every Living Creature
In the Fire of the Heart
In the Hollow of His Hand
In Tune with the Infinite
On the Open Road
The Greatest Thing Ever Known
The Higher Powers of Mind & Spirit
The Land of Living Men
The World's Balance Wheel
This Mystical Life of Ours
Through the Sunlit Year
What All the World's A-Seeking

Thomas Troward 
Bible Mystery & Bible Meaning
The Creative Process in the Individual
The Dore Lectures
The Edinburgh Lectures
The Hidden Power & Other Papers
The Law & The Word

Wallace Delois Wattles 
The Science of Getting Rich
The Science of Being Great 
The Science of Being Well

Neale Donald Walsch 
Communion with God
Conversations with God I
Conversations with God 2
Conversations with God 3

Janet Young
The Subconscious Mind & Its Illuminating Light

More Free Books

Below, you can also access free books on: 
 - Wealth and Prosperity
 - Personal Development
 - Self Improvement 
 - Health and Fitness 

Click on any of the free Wealth and Prosperity, Personal Development, Self Improvement or Health and Fitness books to begin reading.

5 Rules for Wealth 
As A Man Thinketh
Creative Mind and Success 
Grow Rich with Peace of Mind
How to Manifest Your Desires 
How to Turn Your Ability Into Cash
Napoleon Hill's Awesome Secret 
Open Your Mind to Receive 
Public Domain Profits 
Secrets of the Rich 
Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck 
The Golden Rules for Acquiring Wealth 
The Greatest Money Making Secret 
The Path to Prosperity 
The Science of Getting Rich

7 Keys to Success 
Pushing Your Limits
Law of Attraction
I Can Therefore I Will 
Motivation 101 
Unleash the Creative New You!
Reaching Your Goals  
Developing the Success Mindset
Body Language Magic 
Discover Your Purpose
Single Minded Focus 
NLP in Business & Life 
Change Your Mind Change Your Life 
Sharpen Your Memory 

Advanced Hypnosis
Affirmations for Success
Confident Kids
The Complete Homeschool Guide
How to Raise Your Self Esteem
Pushing Your Limits
Raising Children Who Succeed
Reach Your Full Potential
So...You Want to be a Writer
The Mozart Effect
The Power of Gratitude
The Toaster's Handbook
Unshakeable Self Confidence

Eating for Success
Exploring EFT
From Fat to Flat
How to Stay Young
Listening to the Binaural Beat
Panic Attacks
Potent Foods
Sleep Apnea
Solving Number Puzzles
Speed Reading
Stress & Anxiety
Winning the Weight Loss Battle
Planning the Perfect Wedding

Below are four of the most popular metaphysical bookstore books.

Sanaya Roman

Soul Love

Pam Grout


Rhonda Byrne

The Secret

Metaphysical Bookstore Favorites 

Below are four of my favorite metaphysical bookstore books.

Sanaya Roman

Spiritual Growth

Shakti Gawain

Creative Visualization

Gary Zukav

The Seat of the Soul

Louise Hay

You Can Heal Your Life

Metaphysical Bookstore Titles

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~ Albert Einstein