About Me

My Metaphysical Beginnings

Hi there, my name is Margeurite and I'm honored that you have taken the time to visit The Law of Attraction Haven.

Before I reached double figures in age I was fascinated with all things metaphysical (which simply means beyond physical).

I knew even then that there was so much more than what we could see here in this physical realm - so much more!


As a teenager, I discovered the book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. This book helped me greatly with self love and forgiveness. Who needs to forgive people at such an early age you ask? Well, I think we all have someone to forgive, perhaps even at a younger age than our teenage years.

I think the people we need to forgive are the most wonderful people to touch our lives. They teach us so much about ourselves and the world, they really are magical to us and I deeply appreciate the people in my life who have ticked me off so much I've had to learn to forgive them:). Bless those people for they have given me so very much.

I forgive you (person's name). I forgive you for not being the person* I wanted you to be. I forgive you and I set you free.

*In place of 'person' you can use mother/father/sister/friend/husband/wife - you get the idea. It might seem like a few simple words, but said daily (night time is best before sleep) these words are beyond powerful. In reality, the person you are setting free is yourself.

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My Mom

Around the same time as discovering Louise Hay, my Mom, who is also very spiritual said to me "what you think...is."

I remember exactly where we were and what we were doing the day she said it to me. You know those times where if you close your eyes you can replay the scene precisely in your mind? Well, it was one of those times.

Mom had just picked me up off a bus from University. I had traveled from Toowoomba to Cairns in Queensland. We were exiting the driveway of the bus depot and her beautiful face looked at me and said those words which have been clearly etched in my mind to this day.

My Twenties

Throughout my twenties I more or less gave up on my metaphysical life. I had too much other stuff going on ha ha! I was "trying" to get a career happening, "trying" to find the love of my life, and "trying" to work out who and what I was really all about.

I now understand why all the oldies in my youth said "if only I knew then what I know now." Ahhh...those years were probably the most fun I've ever had, but they weren't my best years in terms of the way I felt about life.

My Thirties

In my early thirties, I started once again to devour all the metaphysical information I could get my hands on. It was a magical (albeit frustrating) time and question after question poured forth and often the answers came and often they didn't. Often success, ENORMOUS success came and often it didn't.

I have since recognized that success is measured by the joy I feel - thanks Abraham! Loads of money, fantastic relationships, great health and a purposeful path in life all come as a consequence of this joy.


These years, my fifth decade, are by far the best ever and I suspect each forthcoming decade will be better again. I have reached an understanding that there is no outside force doing things to me. I know that the Universe is 100% on my side, I have no opponents other than those I choose to create.

I have lived a remarkable life. My relationships have been awful and wonderful - often at the same time! At times money has flowed like a billion waterfalls in unison and at other times it has been firmly stuck behind the world's (make that the universes) widest, largest, deepest dam wall. My career has taught me more than I could ever have imagined - mostly about myself - not about the companies or products I have worked with. I'm eager to share these stories with you and I will as my site develops...and it has a way to go.

The Purpose of Law of Attraction Haven

The sole purpose for the creation of this website is for the sheer joy of it. I love building it. I want to share with you how I have come to know life as blissful in the hope that you may find the same for yourself and share with me (and my readers) parts of your journey to assist all our lives in becoming even grander.

The books, videos, audios, resources and articles you will find here are those that I have found most helpful in getting to know the real me. You will find that much of the information provided is channeled. This is because this type of material has resonated with me more than any other.

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Go To The Daily Affirmations Handbook

Truth & Joy

While the answers to many of life's questions are provided here, please be aware, it's not the truth or the right path or the only way. There is no one absolute truth in any of it. All truth is in the perspective of the person seeking the answer. Therefore, if something rings true for you, then it is, if it doesn't, then it isn't. There are as many different truths as there are individuals.

The messages here aren't the be all and end all. It is information I have collected on my unique journey that has brought an enormous amount of love and peace into my life...not that I have life all sorted out...far from it. If it doesn't resonate with you, keep moving til you find stuff that does :). What I believe IS important is for you to discover what brings you the most joy.

My Core Belief

Presently, I live in beautiful Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. I have a gorgeous, clever, adorable 16 year old son and a wonderful, wouldn't-trade-him-for-the-world husband.

I am building this website around an extremely busy, but thoroughly satisfying, life. It's an exciting journey to be on and I thank YOU for being here with me.

My core belief is that we are eternal consciousness and there is nothing that we cannot be or do or have.

Be gentle with yourself always, in all ways.