Discover Joseph Murphy's Lectures

Discover Joseph Murphy's Lectures

Neville Goddard Audio Lectures

Below are some of the audibly clearest, and in my opinion, best Neville Goddard Audio Lectures.

My favorite lecture listed here is Self Talk Creates Reality. I listen to this lecture as often as I can.

You can learn more about Neville through his quotes, Wayne Dyer and Abdullah

You also have access to free books, stories and lectures.

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Neville Goddard Audio Lectures

How to Use Your Imagination
(approx. 19mins)

Immortal Man
(approx. 45mins)

Call Upon Self
(approx. 45mins)

The Spirit Gives Life
(approx. 1hr)

A Mystical Experience
(approx. 15mins)

The Secret of Imaging
(approx. 16mins)

Self Talk Creates Reality 
(approx. 20mins)

The Secret of the Sperm
(approx. 52mins)

Feel After Him
(approx. 46mins)

Strong Imagination
(approx. 44mins)

Neville Goddard Books

My wish for you, in reading Neville Goddard's books, is that your life will be enriched beyond your most magnificent dreams.

As Neville said, "dream better than the best you know."

Neville Goddard Lectures

When asked if people could purchase tapes of his lectures, Neville said "I have no tapes. Others here are making tapes for their own use. Perfectly all right. But I have no tapes."

There is tremendous gratitude for those who attended Neville's lectures, recorded and preserved them.

However, the lions share of appreciation goes to Neville Goddard who allowed people to record his lectures and to pass them on to others.

Neville Goddard Stories

Enjoy these real life stories excerpted from books and lectures by Neville Goddard.

1. A Doctor and his wife get an apartment with no money...
PDF I ePub I Kindle

2. This divorcee manifested a new car with little money...
PDF I ePub I Kindle

3. A family imagined sleeping in their new home until it was theirs...
PDF I ePub I Kindle

4. A family bought a home that realtors said didn't exist...
PDF I ePub I Kindle

5. This woman attracted a new home and a new husband...
ePub I Kindle

6. This woman married the man of her dreams...
ePub I Kindle

7. A Negro man blasted the boundaries created by his skin color...
ePub I Kindle

8. This woman bought a new home by the ocean...
ePub I Kindle

9. This man became an outrigger canoe world champion...
ePub I Kindle

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