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These guidance affirmations are from the book Your Word is Your Wand.

You'll find more free books by Florence Scovel Shinn here.

Guidance Affirmations

I only desire that which Infinite Intelligence desires through me. I claim that which is mine by Divine right, and under Grace in a Perfect Way!

Infinite Spirit, give me wisdom to make the most of my opportunities. Never let me miss a trick.

I am always under direct inspiration. I now just what to do and give instant obedience to my intuitive leads.

I am a perfect non-resistant instrument for God to work through, and His perfect plan for me now comes to pass in a magic way.

More Guidance Affirmations

  • There are no mysteries in the Kingdom. Whatever I should know will now be revealed to me, under grace.
  • All power is given unto me to be meek and lowly of heart. I am willing to come last, therefore, I come first.
  • I now place my personal will upon the altar. Your will, not my will; Your way, not my way; Your time, not my time - and in the twinkling of an eye it is done!
  • I am a perfect non-resistant instrument for God to work through, and His perfect plan for me now comes to pass in a magic way.
  • My angel of destiny goes before me, keeping me in the Way.

Free Florence Scovel Shinn Books

Below you will find four free books by Florence in PDF format.

Listen to the audio book of The Game of Life.

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While these free PDF books are all wonderful...I love each and every one of them...remember that the answers you seek are within.

You are truly Divine and infinitely blessed.

Source of Florence Scovel Shinn Affirmations

Many of Florence's affirmations can be found in her books. The majority of the affirmations on this page are taken from Your Word is Your Wand.

You can purchase The Complete Works of Florence Scovel Shinn. This volume includes the four classic works of Florence Scovel Shinn - The Game of Life and How to Play It, The Secret Door to Success, Your Word Is Your Wand and Power of the Spoken Word.

Working With Affirmations

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More Affirmations

Florence Scovel Shinn Affirmations

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~ Florence Scovel Shinn

Louise Hay
Daily Affirmations
Catherine Ponder

Louise Hay

Catherine Ponder
Daily Affirmations