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  • I attract loving people into my life.
  • An infinite well of love radiates from my Being.
  • The love I have to offer is limitless.
  • The more love I give, the more love I receive.
  • The Universe lovingly guides me in my relationships.
  • All of my relationships are loving, happy and harmonious.
  • Love is at the center of all life. I radiate an abundance of love.
  • I'm not responsible for anyone else, we are all guided by our own consciousness.
  • My world overflows with loving relationships.
  • All the love that I seek from without, already exists within.
  • My relationships work out for the highest good of everyone involved.
  • I am an expression of divine love.
  • I am divinely guided and unconditionally loved by the Universe.
  • The energy that flows through the entire Universe, flows through me. I am connected to All That Is. I AM All That Is.
  • I am confident, I am radiant, I am strength. I love myself.
  • Universal love is working its divine magic through me now.
  • The Universe is fulfilling my deepest desires now.
  • The Universe has perfect relationships lined up for me. I am relaxed and ready to receive them.
  • I accept and love myself exactly as I am right now.
  • Every single atom in this Universe is connected by love.
  • I have 100% faith that the Universe will find me my perfect life partner.
  • The doorway to great love is always open to me.

Finding Love

"I have 100% faith that the Universe will find me my perfect life partner."

The only thing that keeps lovers apart is what goes on in their inner minds. Develop a strong sense of knowing that Divine Law is working to meet your every desire.

Resist looking for love, resist feeling sad that you don't have a partner and get on with life and be the best person you can be. Be confident that the love of your life is on their way to you. Relax. As soon as you let go and become detached from the outcome, the love of your life will present themselves.

Here's a gentle, relaxing download that will lead you into a state of dreamlike receptivity to find your true partner in life; your soulmate.

As Florence Scovel Shinn said "You can never receive what you have never given. Give a perfect love and you will receive a perfect love." Here's a story from her book The Game of Life.

How to Love Yourself with Louise Hay

Here's a 60 minute audio from Louise Hay on How to Love Yourself. 

Also enjoy this PDF from Louise on How to Love Yourself.

Watch an interview with Louise Hay called Create Your Life (approx. 19mins).

You can use the power of hypnosis and your unconscious mind to build a better relationship with yourself.

Working With Affirmations

Check out the free book Self Help Techniques by Alan Drew.

There's a great chapter called 'Working with Affirmations' which includes affirmations on:

Affirmations That Work

Are you wondering what affirmations are, how to use these love affirmations, or how to write your own affirmations?

Finding out is a whole lot of fun and will transform your life on every level.

For more information visit Affirmations That Work.

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Louise Hay
Catherine Ponder
Florence Scovel Shinn
Relationship Help
Louise Hay

Catherine Ponder

Florence Scovel Shinn
Relationship Help