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Love Affirmations
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Love Affirmations
Relationship Help

These Love Affirmations are from various books by Catherine Ponder

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Love Affirmations

I love all people and all people love me, without attachment.

Divine love is doing its perfect work in me and through me now.

Love melts situations that seem impossible.

I call on divine love to straighten out and adjust this situation.

Divine love is doing its perfect work in this situation now.

I am receiving. I am receiving now. I am receiving 
all the love the universe has for me now.

Finding Love

"I have 100% faith that the Universe will find me my perfect life partner."

When two people are in love there is nothing in all of eternity that will keep them apart. 

The only thing that keeps lovers apart is what goes on in their inner minds. Develop a strong sense of knowing that Divine Law is working to meet your every desire.

Resist looking for love, resist feeling sad that you don't have a partner and get on with life and be the best person you can be. Be confident that the love of your life is on their way to you. Relax. As soon as you let go and become detached from the outcome, the love of your life will present themselves.

Here's a gentle, relaxing download that will lead you into a state of dreamlike receptivity to find your true partner in life; your soulmate.

As Florence Scovel Shinn said "You can never receive what you have never given. Give a perfect love and you will receive a perfect love." Here's a story from her book The Game of Life (click for ePub).

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The Prospering Power of Love

Read The Miracle of Love which is the first chapter of The Prospering Power of Love.

Catherine Ponder has helped millions of people overcome personal obstacles that prevent them from living a fulfilled life.

Catherine says, “When people have described every conceivable type of problem to me, I have often found myself suggesting that they study The Prospering Power of Love. Why? Because as Gandhi once said, ‘Throughout history, the way of love and truth has always won.’”

Of all of the books Catherine has written, The Prospering Power of Love is the one she most often recommends.

Firstly, to people who are beginning their inspirational search.

Secondly, to people with relationship problems (which almost everyone experiences on occasion as a part of their growth into greater understanding).

And finally, to people who are looking for a book containing a simple yet inspirational approach they can share with others.

Once the concepts of The Prospering Power of Love are planted firmly within, further expansion will gradually appear in all aspects of your life leading to greater progress in the future regardless of life’s circumstances - bitter or sweet, meager or comfortable.

The ideas contained in these pages continue to apply, year after year.

Working With Affirmations

Check out the free book Self Help Techniques by Alan Drew.

There's a great chapter called 'Working with Affirmations' which includes affirmations on:

Affirmations That Work

Are you wondering what affirmations are, how to use affirmations, or how to write your own affirmations?

Finding out is a whole lot of fun and will transform your life on every level.

For more information visit Affirmations That Work.

More Love Affirmations

Catherine Ponder Affirmations

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Louise Hay Love
Love Affirmations
Relationship Help
Florence Scovel Shinn
Louise Hay Love

Love Affirmations

Relationship Help
Florence Scovel Shinn