Interpersonal Skills

Hell is other people. But so is heaven. So developing interpersonal skills is the way to get out of hell and into heaven (metaphorically speaking).

Getting on with other people ought to be simple. We are all humans together, with much the same attributes and with very much the same feelings. But for many people, even the simple matter of talking to another person can be quite tricky - from knowing how to make eye contact comfortably to gauging just how close to stand (or sit).

And even if you get those basics right, and know how to 'make conversation', what about when you get beyond the basics? How do you go about building rapport with another person? How do you make more friends? Set up a date? How do you stop your own emotions getting in the way?

All these and many more related issues are covered in our developing interpersonal skills hypnosis downloads, so you are sure to find something to help you relate more easily with all the different people you encounter in your life. ~ Excerpted from Hypnosis Downloads

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