Catherine Ponder Success Affirmations

These Success Affirmations are from various books by Catherine Ponder.

Create Your Reality

A fast and effective way to transform our thoughts and beliefs is via the subconscious mind (click for ePub).

It is through this process of connecting with our subconscious that we can create the life we want.

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Free PDF Books

Check out our very popular Free PDF Books on the Law of Attraction & Metaphysics.

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Over the years I have searched for each of these books individually and always thought it would be great to find them in one place.

Bringing these books together was the idea that sparked the Law of Attraction Haven.

While these free PDF books are all wonderful...I love each and every one of them...remember that the answers you seek are within.

You are truly Divine and infinitely blessed.

Success Affirmations

I rejoice that I am now successful in all my ways.

My success is unlimited now.

The spirit of success is now working with me 
and I am in all ways guided, prospered and blessed.

My success is big, powerful and irresistible.

All obstacles and barriers to my success are divinely dissolved now.

I am receiving. I am receiving now. I am receiving 
all the success the universe has for me now.

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Working With Affirmations

Check out the free book Self Help Techniques by Alan Drew.

There's a great chapter called 'Working with Affirmations' which includes affirmations on:

Affirmations That Work

Are you wondering what affirmations are, how to use affirmations, or how to write your own affirmations?

Finding out is a whole lot of fun and will transform your life on every level.

For more information visit Affirmations That Work.

More Success Affirmations

Catherine Ponder Affirmations

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