Jerry Hicks

Connect the dots from Jerry Hicks to Napoleon Hill to Seth. Discover how Jerry found answers and unraveled the famous Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction.

You will also find resources on Think & Grow Rich, Jerry's life of contrast, his never-ending questions, his experience with a Ouija Board, his discovery of Seth Speaks, his interaction with Abraham and his transition into non-physical.

You can learn more about Jerry through his wife Esther Hicks, the Teachings of Abraham and the books they joyously wrote together.

Jerry Hicks' journey is outlined on this page and you can also find it in the very loving, powerful book The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Read an excerpt or click here for a preview.

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Think and Grow Rich

The famous book, Think and Grow Rich (click for a free copy), by Napoleon Hill was the first manuscript that provided Jerry Hicks with answers to his never-ending questions.

Read about Jerry's conversation with Napoleon.

Jerry said he was never interested in money, he just wanted a wonderful, free life. By "chance" he came across the book in a small motel. It was sitting on a coffee table in the main reception area and the title interested Jerry.

He picked it up and several pages into the book Jerry described his body responding with 'thrill bumps rippling up and down my spine' and 'the hair was standing up all over my body'.

He asked the motel owner if he could take it to his room and the man said "you can have it." Jerry said the book made so much sense to him and he really believed it would work. It made him realize that he could focus on anything he wanted and he could receive it. He attributes his massive wealth all to this book.

He was driven to follow and share the principles contained in the book. He found that although the application of his new-found knowledge was working in a phenomenal way for him, it wasn't the case with the people he passed the teachings on to. So his pursuit for answers endured.

Jerry's Life of Contrast

Jerry Hicks lived enormous contrast. As a child his family was so poor that his mother was forced to cut the fence to let the neighbors cows in so she could milk them to feed his younger brother. They would catch frogs and fish out of the creek for food.

He was often near to death as a child from being so ill.

His relationships were often full of fights and very negative and aggressive.

He lived a life of poverty to being worth millions. He has been near death to live perfect health his whole adult life. He has had dreadful relationships to having a relationship with his wife, Esther Hicks, that he describes as "spectacular".

Jerry has proved through the contrast he has lived that we are capable of change. He said and believes through his experience "nobody's locked in where they are."

Never-Ending Questions

Jerry met Esther in 1976 in Fresno at a business presentation that he was giving. He described her as being fun, laughing easily and having a great sense of humor.

Prior to communicating with Abraham via Esther, Jerry had a never-ending stream of questions for which he searched for answers, in most cases unsuccessfully. The book Think and Grow Rich was the closest he had come.

Like many of us, prior to learning about how the world really works through the Law of Attraction, Jerry was looking for the one absolute truth that he could base his life on.

His unanswered questions left him feeling a void inside. To fill the void, Jerry joined church group after church group looking for the one that would satisfy his need for the truth.

He was disappointed time after time as each religion declared themselves right and all other religions wrong. The void he felt within continued to grow as did his quest for answers. This led  him to have an experience with a Ouija board.

Jerry's Experience with a Ouija Board

Although Jerry felt strong negative emotion towards Ouija boards, his compulsion to find answers to his burning questions led him to a Ouija board session with a group of friends that were insisting he join them.

His first question to the board was " How can I become truly good?" The board spelled R-E-A-D. Jerry asked, "Read what?" The board spelled B-O-O-K-S. Jerry then asked, "What books?" and the board rapidly spelled out ANY-AND-ALL-BY-ALBERT-SCHWEITZER. 

Jerry went on to read all of Albert Schweitzer's books and while they didn't answer his questions, they did open up his awareness of the world.

The same can be said of the Ouija board session. While it didn't answer his questions, it did awaken him to the fact that there was an intelligence willing to communicate with him.

This greatly intensified his search for answers.

The closer we get to knowing the 'Non-Physical', the fewer words we have for clearly expressing it. ~ Jerry

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Esther Hicks and Seth Speaks

Jerry and Esther married in 1980 and in 1986 started interacting with Abraham. Prior to this interaction, Jerry found a book entitled Seth Speaks (click for ePub) by Jane Roberts. Once again, Jerry felt thrill bumps and his hairs were standing on end.

As with Think and Grow Rich, Jerry found these works to be compelling and fascinating. Once again, he had found a path leading to answers. Although the Seth material felt right to Jerry, Esther was frightened by the book, due to the way in which the information had come to be written and also due to the photo of Jane in a trance on the back of the book. Jerry was respectful of Esther and kept the books away from her. He did however, read passages to Esther and over time she released her resistance to them.

Not everyone was succeeding the way Jerry thought they would through his teachings based on Think and Grow Rich. He didn't understand why this was the case and, ever the seeker, decided to find out why.

Jerry found Seth Speaks way up high on a shelf in the metaphysical section of a library in Phoenix, Arizona. He said it was the missing link for him. 

It seemed that Jerry didn't mind where or how the information was received, he was just content to have meaningful answers to his questions. Little did he know that he was about to have access to his own infinite source via the Teachings of Abraham through his lovely wife Esther.

Interaction with Abraham

In the 10 minute video below, taken from the 4-disc DVD set: "Ask and It Is Given: An Introduction to the Teachings of Abraham Hicks", Esther and Jerry Hicks talk about how their understanding of the "Abraham" energy has evolved, and what their years of interaction with Abraham has done for them personally.

Then Abraham, translated by Esther, answers the following questions:

  • "How can we believe this?"
  • "Who and what is Abraham?"
  • Have you (Abraham) ever been human?",
  • "Why the name Abraham?"

Jerry Hicks' Death

The death of Jerry Hicks was on November 18, 2011. I was sad for the loss to the physical realm, but I wasn't at all sad for Jerry as I knew he would be even more joyous than he was on this plane - if that's possible!

Not long after his transition, I received a message during meditation. The message was 'nothing matters, it really doesn't.' Short and simple, but profoundly true for me in the moment when I asked. I like to think the message was from Jerry as he was at the forefront of my thoughts at the time.

As expected, Abraham has received many questions about Jerry's transition. Here are two video's that may help provide answers.

What's Next for Jerry? (approx. 24mins)

Did Jerry Die From Resistance? (approx. 9mins)