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Discovering Esther Hicks

Read about how I first found Jerry and Esther Hicks via a work from home personal development business related to The Secret.

You will also find information on and Jerry and Esther with Theo, Abraham Meditations and Abraham Channeling.

Discovering Esther

I discovered Esther and Abraham in the late 90's. I remember seeing one of the early books by Esther (I can't recall which one) and was quite freaked out about it.

I didn't open it and quickly put it aside thinking it was "spooky", maybe even a little "evil".

Wow, how time changes you. I came across Esther again in early 2008 and although it sounds clich√©, the Teachings of Abraham via Esther Hicks have changed my life.

At this time, my son was just over a year old and had been in child care since my return to work about seven months earlier.

On my return to work I had moved to another division of the company and it was what many would call a promotion (there was more money attached), but it just wasn't working for our family.

I was burnt out and desperately unhappy and as my husband said "it was like walking on eggshells in our house." He wisely said this after I had changed my circumstances.

Working From Home

I went searching for something I could do from home to spend more time with our son.

I found an advertisement on a job website with The Secret logo attached to it. It was for a personal development business which was right up my alley.

I made the phone call, joined the company in February 2008 and resigned from my job.

It was a network marketing company and although it would be highly unlikely (never say never) that I would get involved with network marketing again today, it worked for me at the so many ways.

The most wonderful way was beginning to find myself through people like Esther Hicks.

I began to understand what life was all about and why the things that were happening in my life were happening!

The Secret

I found Esther by acquainting myself with The Secret. The concept of the Law of Attraction wasn't new to me, but it had been a long while since I'd had the time to really remember all this stuff - this really important - life altering stuff.

I decided to find out what this whole Law of Attraction phenomenon was about. Although The Secret explained it to a point, I sensed that it ran much deeper and there was something far more spiritual behind it.

A friend mentioned Esther and Abraham. So, I hit the search engines with 'Esther Hicks' and up came the famous Abraham Hicks website. I started reading things like:

I Am the Attractor of My Every Experience
It Comes, Not by Magic But by Universal Law of Attraction
Achieving Success Is My Natural Birthright

These types of quotes hit home big time. They rang so true for me and were so powerful. It was like someone had illuminated my world. I felt so refreshed and alive. Looking back I can clearly see and understand how the Law of Attraction worked to bring these works my way.

Fervent Seeking

I realized later that this was the material I had discovered almost a decade earlier. It is obvious to me now that it was my fear that caused me to discard the book at that time, not anything "weird" or "evil" within the material itself.

Although I have been a seeker all of my life, in 2001 the intensity of my questions grew exponentially. I asked all the questions like:

What Is Life Really All About?
Have I Been Here Before?
What Is My Purpose In Life?
Is There More To Life Than This?

I recall getting frustrated many times saying "there HAS to be more to life than this!"

In finding answers to these questions, I have also found extraordinary peace. I often say that it feels like I have lived two lifetimes in this one life.

Through my early years, teens, twenties and some of my thirties I was constantly searching, anxious, thinking that I was meant to be somewhere, doing something, ANYTHING other than what I was actually doing. I wanted to know what that something was. I asked and asked and asked.

I eventually gave up asking so fervently and allowed the Universe to do its work. I didn't give up because I realized it was the best thing I could've done, I gave up because I was so peeved that I hadn't received any answers!

Letting go has been my biggest and most consistent challenge over the years as is evidenced by my hot seat encounter with Abraham.

Understanding Life

I'm not saying for a second that I am peaceful every day, all day, and life is all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows - it's not. I am saying that I understand life and that this understanding has brought a tremendous amount of peace my way. I still have all the foibles of life, as does anyone. Now, I just understand why life is the way that it is for me.

I have found many other Law of Attraction masters along the way, however, I now understand that there is no greater master than myself. I AM the master of my own experience. This is the most freedom-giving revelation any human being could ever have.

My respect, my admiration, my appreciation for Esther Hicks flows freely and I will forever thank Esther, life, and my own consciousness for the connection I have made.

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