Personal Skills

You don't have to pass an exam before you get to live your life, but you probably wish sometimes that there were some courses in developing personal skills that you could take.

Some time in adolescence most of us wake up to the fact that life is more than just a random set of 'happenstances' (though there's plenty of randomness to go around). How our lives turn out also depends to a large extent on what we know how to do. Both outwardly, in terms of what you might call hard skills and knowledge, and, more importantly, inwardly.

It's easy enough to find courses to teach you anything from bricklaying to accountancy, but much more difficult to find courses to teach you how to handle yourself in difficult situations, or how to get on with other people, or deal with unpredictability, or get lucky.

When you look over our selection of hypnosis downloads for developing personal skills, you'll see an ever growing library of self hypnosis sessions you can use to extend the range of what you know how to do. All our sessions are based on the latest psychological understanding of human functioning and interaction. And they're highly effective - and fun. ~ Excerpted from Hypnosis Downloads

You'll find more personal skills audios here.

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