Discover Joseph Murphy's Lectures

Discover Joseph Murphy's Lectures

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Thank you to Eleesha for these beautiful affirmations.

I am surrounded by harmony and joy, beauty and trust

I love and honour my body

I look for the beginning in every ending

I create my life

I forgive and release everyone in my life

I am full of energy and enthusiasm

I feel and accept all my feelings

I allow myself to enjoy each moment

I give and receive with ease and grace

I clearly see what is good for me

I move forward with joy and grace

I exist in perfect harmony

I release all fears and heal myself

I follow my heart

I am complete and healed

I am one with my Higher Self

I express my inner truth

I let go of my illusions and see the truth

I listen to and have faith in my inner voice

Everything I give I get back

I am open to the joys of life

I see the love in everything and everyone

Everything I do makes my love grow

I love and accept myself just the way I am

I express only love and truth

Everything I wish manifests itself easily in my life

I let my inner light create miracles in my life

Everything I need comes to me

I am filled with inner peace and clarity

I act only with authentic power

I am ready to receive all the joy life may bring

I release all that is not an expression of love in my life

I am prepared to experience my creative energy

I find the strength to be who I am
I am successful in everything I do
All my wisdom comes from within
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