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Creativity Affirmations

Here you will find all of the Louise Hay affirmations on creativity without images.

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My Creative Affirmations

Affirmations Without Images

I am a clear thinker, and I express myself with ease.

the key to creativity is knowing that my thinking creates my experience. I use this key in every area of my life.

I am learning to be more creative every day.

I direct my creative talent toward music, art, dance, writing - anything that gives me pleasure.

I release all resistance to expressing my creativity fully.

Ideas come to me easily and effortlessly.

My talents are in demand, and my unique gifts are appreciated by those around me.

I am in flow with every particle of the Universe.

I easily express what Divine Intelligence designed for me to share.

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Creativity Requires the Courage to Let Go of Certainties
~ Erich Fromm